Çarşamba, Temmuz 16

currently feasting on:

ilk cildini hızlanıp yavaşlayarak, bazen pedalı boşta tutarak okudum. bugün, araya birkaç şey aldıktan  bir ay sonra, ikinci cilde başlıyorum. karl ove, o ufak, sıkıcı, sıradan şeyleri nasıl da lezzetli yapıyorsun...

Pazartesi, Mayıs 20

yitirmeli büyük yolların birinde ne varsa, böcekler gibi başlamalı yeniden. g.a.

Cumartesi, Kasım 17

the next move is you

thisiswhatdrivesmemad. everything means something but it does not. meanings devoid of meaning, communication without message. take it and put it where you like, fill it with your choice, serve as you wish: neat, on the go, bottoms up and leave it. our cognacs in our hands, i said: it tastes like caramel to me, funny how people hate it. so my head was someone else's. i did not want to think of the calories or my liver for that matter. to stay in the moment is such a grim advice and of course i was chain smoking, and everything was so lucid; can be reduced to a game of chess and it all depends if it is check or stalemate. such diplomats.

Salı, Kasım 13

night and day

days consisting of persuasions. i can do that, i can do this, i will, i won't. waking up i choose to tell the same words like a prayer. i know, what i want most is not to appear, disappearance as a means to live. i want to be anonymous, not belonging, be here now, be there later. i hate to talk and loathe to listen.  the taste of teardrops never change and i've stopped measuring distances with a ruler. writing is such a bore so i